Xavier – 3rd March 2018



Xavier High School Rugby is one of the pre-eminent high school rugby programs in America.  Xavier is the reigning Rugby NY Champion and has won more than twenty East Coast and Northeast RFU Championship titles and four National Championships.  With over 100 current players on its four teams, and countless loyal alumni and supporters, Xavier is entering its 43rd season in 2018 and is considered one of the most powerful and well resourced programs in the United States.  Currently they are ranked #6 in the nation.



Generally an open and attacking form of game play, with good handling and attacks originating from the breakdown or set piece and ending with the ball in the hands of the centers or wings to score.  Offloading is strong and they run in support well.  Set Piece play is average (Scrum) and they seem to have limited options in the Line out with No7 at pod A being the main target, but they generate good height.

Xavier v St Joes 2018 Adam Smith 2

Xavier v’s St Joes Prep – 24th Feb 2018.  Note a good lift, with good height at Pod A and a throw which is accurate.  7 appears to be their strike player at Pod A


Structure in the forward can be termed “disorganized” and they fail to protect the breakdown very well on defense, so options for attack down the sides may appear early in the game.  They have a good back line, probably stronger than their forwards and can threaten with the boot at times.  They show vulnerability at the set piece and can be attacked there.  As a young team they lack physicality and there is the potential to impose upon them early at the scrum and breakdown.

Xavier v St Joes 2018 Adam Smith 5

Xavier v’s St Joes Prep – 24th Feb 2018.  Note the good leg positions of the props but very high drive by their 2nd row, which would put the front row under huge stress against an attacking scrum.


Recent game against St Joes Prep on the 24th of Feb 2018 was a victory 29-10; major contributors to their success came from the performance of their center partnering of Steve Hoey and Tom Treussard.  This was their first game of the season and their coach indicated that the poor performance of their forward pack reduced their effectiveness



Standard game map for this game with a focus on breakdown dominance and testing their forward pack.  Maintain strong SHOOTER system to deny them opportunity in the centers and slow their attack.


Game footage of the Xavier Varsity squad playing Fordham Prep in 2017

Game footage of the Xavier Varsity squad playing Gonzaga in the 2016 National Championship


Key personnel to watch

Marco Caramanico (Junior) Lock/Flank.  EIRA U16 2017 Ontario

Nathan Salter (Junior) 10.  HSAA Winter Camp 2017

Aidan Smith (Junior) Utility Back. EIRA 7’s U16

Henri Ross-Pelat (Sophomore) Scrumhalf.  EIRA U16 Ontario, HSAA Winter Camp 2017

Damien Morley (Freshman) Scrumhalf.  EIRA U16 2017 Ontario

Steve Hoey (Junior) Center.

Tom Treussard (Senior) Center. Play Rugby Academy 2017  HUDL account








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