WarriorZ Challenge 2018


Welcome to the WarriorZ Challenge for 2018…..

The WarriorZ Challenge is a squad wide physical conditioning and fitness competition which pits each and every member of the team (1st XV, 2nd XV Academy and 3rd XV Colts-JV) against each other in a series of weekly timed physical conditioning events.  We have adjusted the WarriorZ Challenge to better allow for participation and success…. read about the changes below


Every two weeks beginning during pre-season, the members of the Warriors team will be informed at the weekly Strength and Conditioning (S&C) evening evening sessions of the competition event for the following 2 week period; players will be able to prepare during the two weeks for the event, and may undertake the challenge as many times as they wish during the week to achieve the best result possible.

All players will participate in the Challenge at the weekly S&C session, and their results (or best result by Video – email or text from a smartphone is acceptable if you cannot participate in person) will be reviewed and a table of performances will be established to show the performance of each and every member of the team against the other for that week.

Over the course of the  pre-season these results will be formed into a collective “Leaders Table” with the top performers across the full WarriorZ Challenge being awarded prizes at the end of the competition after a Champion of Champions event in December 2017.  Players from the wider DMV region are welcome to submit their results for comparison against the Warriors squad; using the same rules and movements.


Players will be scored by two factors; firstly time taken to complete the Challenge (Usually less than 20 minutes in total) and/or a bonus for higher weights being used.


All workouts submitted for scoring require them to be on video, and the video submitted in order to check that all safety, health and performance conditions are met for the exercise if you are not participating in the Session in person (Warriors S&C Sessions occur weekly at the West Potomac High School Gym from 6.30pm – 9pm .


Following the completion of the post-season rest period, we will begin the Warrior Challenge from the 20th September; the first scheduled Challenge will be announced on the evening of the 20th September, with the first challenge to occur on September 27th.  Challenges will continue from that date on a bi-weekly basis over five competition events; each five competition cycle will be repeated (but with new events) a number of times in the pre-season.  Each scheduled event will be published as a tab to this section, along with the results and leader board.

Cycle (1)

20th September  – WarriorZfit 17-01 (Murph Lite)

400m Run

100 Press ups

100 Sit ups

25 Pull ups

30 Burpee

400m Run 

11th October – WarriorZfit 17-02 (Josh Lite)

400m Run

Overhead Squat x 10

15 Pull ups

Overhead Squat x 8

10 Pull ups

Overhead Squat x 6

8 Pull ups

400m Run

25th October  – WarriorZfit 17-03 (Jason Lite)

400m Run

20 Squats

5 Muscle Ups

15 Squats

10 Muscle Ups

10 Squats

15 Muscle Ups

5 Squats

20 Muscle Ups

400m Run

The Strength Cycle (1) will be followed later in November by the Power Cycle (2); with the winner of Cycle (1) being awarded the interim prize


The Challenge is comprised of a number of events which simulate the conditions of a Rugby game; incorporating a mixture of power, speed and agility disciplines.  One week may see you in the gym, while the next could demand you spend time on a running track or even in the pool.  Events will be diverse and challenging for all those participating.

Events will be based on a mixture of traditional Rugby and Cross-fit exercises which focus on compound movements and a balance of speed, power and agility activities.

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