Welcome to the tactical component site of Warriors Rugby

Within the tactical component site you will find detailed analysis and study of our opponents, our game plan and our performance throughout the season.  This element is broken into three inter-related sections (PPR):



In this section we utilize game footage, NACSPORT coding and opposition analysis to preview our opponents in depth; this allows us to identify their Strengths, Weaknesses and to plan necessary counters for both.  The outputs of the Preview are used to inform our training plan, game plan and to guide players in specific areas of interest ahead of any game or game series.  Each player in their “Program” site receives individualized feedback to assist them in their preparation for the game.  This element of the site is only accessible by password.


In this section we store all game (both opponent and our own) and training footage for review and later use by players and staff; this information is stored in formats to allow players to easily recall key information.  This element of the site is only accessible by password.


In this section we collate all learning from games (or training) and make this information available to players and staff.  This section includes game footage, event specific footage and statistics from all games (and where necessary training) which allows players to better understand their role, part and performance in any game/training event and to learn from it to better themselves.  This section includes NACSPORT coding, detailed player statistics and targeted videos for review by players.  This element of the site is only accessible by password.

Throughout the PPR cycle (Preview-Perform-Review) learning lessons and observations are collected and made available to players and staff through their individual program pages (these are password protected); this includes match reports and feedback which informs our specific game strategy, player preparation or training for subsequent games.  At all times performance is linked back to our Preview to identify areas of weakness or strength which can be improved upon.  For further information please navigate to the individual pages.

Wide utility statistics and data is also readily available here.

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