Recovery Circuit


The Recovery Circuit is used during the Off-Season phase to ensure the slow and deliberate effort to assist with physical development, whilst protecting weary and tired players from over exerting themselves.  The Recovery Circuit seeks to minimize high impact movements (e.g. Running) in favor of complex compound movements done at low weights and without impact on the joints.

The circuit should be started with the conduct of 5-10 minutes of warm up on a static/spin bike if possible, but a brisk walk could also suffice in the event you are unable to access a gym or other gym equipment.  This is then followed by three cycles of 10 exercises; each conducted for 1 minute (maximum reps) followed by a 20 second rest period.  A gap of 2 minutes should be provided between the cycles, this is the rest point of the program; and after completing these three cycles the player should again warm down using a bike or walking for an additional 5 minutes.


A larger/downloadable version of the document can be found here

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