Decide to be better, decide to be stronger, faster and better.  The Warriorfit conditioning program is divided into four periods; as defined below.


Strength Program

Transition.  Defined as the 2-4 week period after intense In-Season performances, this year beginning after the week of the 2017 National Championships in Kansas City. Conditioning in this period is focused on allowing players to give their bodies, and minds, a true break from intense activity.  Players remain active by participating in non-Rugby or sport specific recreational activity which should be performed at a low volume and intensity; no structured training program is strictly necessary, the focus should be more on recovery and rehabilitation (particularly for any injuries the player may have sustained during the season).

Off-Season.  Defined as the period after the transition phase of the previous season and the commencement of pre-season structured team practices.  We allocate about 12 weeks of time for training in this period; its difficulty and volume increases proportionately during the period to allow players to reach a high level of readiness for the Pre-Season period which follows.

Pre-Season. Defined as the period between the first pre-season structured team practice and the first competitive match.  The pre-season may be divided into two phases, which may be separated by the first friendly/practice scrimmage.  In the program outlined in this plan the 16 week pre-season period is broken into two 8 week phases.  The first 8 week phase should emphasize strength and the following 8 week phase sees a transition towards power development (explosive, game orientated movement).

In-Season.  Defined as the during of the playing season, beginning with the first games of the Mid Atlantic Premiership League (MAPL) and ending with the National Championships.


Below are the Warriorfit standards for the 2018 season, be sure to benchmark yourself now in the off season so you can see how your performance improves over the coming months.

A link to the full document is shown here


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