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Here you will find all the training, fitness and nutrition support you need to maximize your performance as a player and team-mate in the Warriors Rugby squad for the 2018 National Championships.  This site serves as a resource for general development, as well as game specific improvement as the season commences.

Certain elements of the site are password protected due to their focus on specific game plan development or individual personal skills development, if you are unable to access a particular element of the site and you believe you need access, please use the contact icons below to inform the site administrator and request approval.

2018 WARRIORS THEME…. Defeat is the secret ingredient to success

PUT IN THE WORK.  In 2008 a totally unknown and unheralded young man called Conor McGregor, entered the world of professional MMA fighting, having grown up in the deprived Crumlin area of Dublin he struggled to gain respect and developed a reputation for fearlessness in the pursuit of his desire to test himself against ever stronger competition.  In less than 10 years he rose from insignificance to comprehensively defeat the undisputed champion Jose Aldo and claim the featherweight world championship belt in 2015; having carefully antagonized his opponent in the lead up to the fight, he then delivered a crushing blow to finish the bout in a record 13 seconds.


CHALLENGE YOURSELF TO GREATNESS.  Never satisfied with being the winner of simply one title, at one level, McGregor elected to test himself against a much stronger competitor in the lightweight division and its champion Nate Diaz who both outweighed and out sized the featherweight McGregor; demanded that McGregor to rise from the 145lb division to fight him at the 170lb weight.  At UFC 196 in 2016 McGregor led on points for the majority of the fight, but after a failed take-down attempt was forced into a submission hold by the larger and heavier Diaz, who was able to end the fight and defeat McGregor; despite a brave attempt to win at the higher level of competition he had fallen short.


BELIEVE IN YOURSELF AND EACH OTHER.  It was McGregor’s first defeat in the UFC, following the defeat the press, the UFC and many commentators turned against McGregor, calling him foolish, undeserving and arrogant for his belief that he could be a champion at a higher level; it was expected that he would retreat back to the featherweight division and as with so many other fighters who had lost, be happy with being a champion in their own small field.  McGregor immediately challenged Diaz to a rematch and turned his attention to training himself to make sure he could not be defeated again; confident in the knowledge that he could defeat Diaz.


BE COMFORTABLE WITH THE UNCOMFORTABLE.  McGregor was broadly believed to be unable to compete with the heavier, stronger and larger Diaz; who demanded that the rematch occur within a short six month time frame.  McGregor would need to re-train, improve his ground game and get himself fit to face the UFC champion, all while the fighting community believed that he could never compete at that level and win.  McGregor would need to overcome a dominant champion, who was larger than himself and who had beaten him in the past…. McGregor decided that he needed to welcome this discomfort and use it against his opponent by fighting with his own style and not feeling the need to try and compete with Diaz’s strong ground skills.


DREAM IT…DO IT.  Barely six months later Diaz and McGregor faced off again at UFC 202 with the world anticipating a similar result; but this time the fight was on McGregor’s terms.  Avoiding Diaz’s ground threat, McGregor proceeded to pound him with rapid punches and during the course of the bout he left Diaz’s face in bleeding ruins as he danced backwards and forwards out of his reach.  At the end of the fight McGregor was successful and won with a majority decision and claimed the lightweight title from Diaz.


As we go forward  into 2018 we recognize that we left some work unfinished in 2017 and commit to rectifying that situation in the coming year.  We commit to each other to put in the time and effort to represent all those small Rugby programs in the country who cannot yet compete with the historic National Champions; and on their behalf we commit to defeating the “traditional” Rugby order and securing the National Championship in 2018.

Our theme for 2018 will be based on McGregor’s comeback to win against Diaz in UFC 202; this theme will be reflected in our game plan, maps and systems throughout the 2018 campaign.



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