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In order to support the personal development of every Warriors player, this week will see the publishing of “Individual Player Development Pages” within the Warriors Team Management App.

These individual pages will provide each player with specific guidance, information and direction to assist them in their development as a rugby player; the information will be specific to the individual as well as their playing position.  Each player on the squad as they are formally CIPP’ed will receive a link to their personal page (which is password protected for each player) and which they can access either online, or directly via the Warriorfit link on the App.

A quick screen shot of a player page is shown below….


Each page includes videos, documents and other training aides to assist players as they improve their Technical, Tactical, Physical and Mental skills.  Following games and/or practices in the future you will also find specific media (video) of yourself playing, so that you can get a feel for how you are personally playing; also you will find this site provides you with detailed information on your performance metrics (tackles, yards run, carries etc.) so that you can get a feel for your work rate and on field performance.

Make sure you CIPP as soon as possible to gain access to your Personal Development Page

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