Legacy – Life Lessons from Rugby


As we kick of the 2018 campaign (and we did so last night with a great turnout for the Wednesday night conditioning sessions…. although some of the singing was a little suspect!!) it is good to look at how other teams and squads operate and judge the quality of our own approaches against them.

One of the most popular books about Rugby at the moment is “Legacy” by James Kerr; and it does a deep dive into the approach, culture and psychology of the All Blacks, looking at how they have achieved such a high success rate, and maintained it over a long duration.  A quick summary of the book is shown below in the video; but please find here a pdf. copy of the full document for your enjoyment and reading.  See everyone again Sunday for the Skills session.

455660423_1280x720  Legacy Lessons in Leadership from the All Blacks – James Kerr

Jobs not done….


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